Kingsman ‘The Golden Circle’ Is Exciting And Loud

If Kingsman: The Secret Service wasn’t enough “what did I just watch”, director Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class, Fantastic Four,)  originates his sequel is just enough chaos and excitement that will engage audiences from opening to end credits. “The Golden Circle,” otherwise known as the isolated drug cartel headed by Poppy, a 50’s nostalgic that is brazenly unlikable. She’s ruthless, manipulative, and she’s poisoning her own supply. A mysterious blue rash appears on any user that results in a slow, gruesome death if not treated with the antidote. Meanwhile, Gary ‘Eggys’ Unwin (Taron Egerton) and Merlin (Mark Strong) are faced with a battle of their own. After Eggsy is assaulted by one of his former competitors and Kingsman reject, it’s up to the two agents to not only protect the Kingsman agency and chase after who’s been behind all the heart-stopping car chases that are taken to another extreme as they’re shot at every possible angle, giving the experience a 360-degree perspective. Eggsy, balancing his career at as a double-agent is faced with the seriousness of his relationship.  As Merlin and Eggsy continue their endeavors, the Kingsman headquarters is threatened by a careless friend and causes the demise of the tailor storefront. As Eggsy is drawn away from his girlfriend, the heir of Sweden, to meet with Merlin in the rubble of their center of operations to grieve and come up with a strategy when it comes to slaving their organization. After a few shots turned into a whole bottle, the Statesman whiskey gives away the location of not a distillery, but the American spy counterpart. Encountering Agent Tequila (Channing Tatum) comes with southern surprise as Kingsman agents are greeted with a hostile squabble. Once identities are exchanged, Agents Ginger Ale, (Halle Berry) Agent Whiskey (Pedro Pascal) and Agent Champagne (Jeff Bridges) reveal that Harry Hart, (Colin Firth) known as Galahad, had been saved and rehabilitated while presumed dead. Eggsy is still coping with the idea of losing his mentor and is frequently visited by training flashbacks of younger days. The scenes appeal to the emotional side of viewers, as tender scenes represent a bond unbroken. But when uncovering a weakened, disoriented Galahad, it causes distress as any progress is failed as he is still convinced that he lives as a lepidopterist. At the Statesman’s aid, the Kingsman re-introduces Harry back into combat after his memory is triggered and once Agent Tequila is afflicted by Poppy’s intoxicants. Agent Whiskey takes the charge, and Agent Ginger Ale works exclusively with Merlin as the series slowly integrates two branches of the same agency to create a whole, Exhilarating sequences fill time frames between conflict as the gunslinging, sharp-dressed, southern drawling heroes conquer any villain that dare stand in their way. Multiple storylines come to stream into a whole as The Golden Circle intertwines humor, action, and heart into the second installment of the series. Though the sequel to The Secret Service is wild fro its start to its finish, audiences should watch the first film before watching Galahad and Eggsy’s reunion. Context is vital as agents close in on Poppy’s location. Vaughn incorporates information that allows the viewers to have an understanding but implies that the first film is dire. The Golden Circle concludes soundly and ensures that there’ll be the third piece to come. Kingsman may be turbulent but is the most fun to watch.


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