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Color Blind

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When you open a pack of candy-coated M&M’S, do you instantly discard all of the blue pieces, or push aside all of the green pieces?
When you look at a person, do you loathe them based upon their color or their race?
Remember the days when you were blind to color and race?
When we were three years old, we saw people as people. As we grew older, society and the media infiltrated negative and discriminating messages through our minds.
Year after year, the internet molded our minds and way of thinking. Year after year, we start to wonder if we’re out of place in society. We start to wonder if we’re beautiful, even though we don’t look like the models on T.V.
Finally, we start to conform to societal norms and we begin to shun diversity. We start to mask our true selves and play a character.
Why can’t we just think like a three-year-old? A three-year-old doesn’t see race or color.
If we think about race like a pack of M&M’S, we’ll realize that we’re all the same on the inside. Without the colorful candy crunch surrounding its chocolatey center, M&M’S would be dull.
If we were all the same, life would be tedious.
Let’s look at life through a lens, a lens which only penetrates one’s character, a lens which is not focused on one’s color.
After all, who doesn’t love the variety of hues, shades, and flavors in a pack of M&M’S?


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