I got in contact with, and interviewed JASPERISDEAD, an LA based musician and asked questions from his music, to what annoys him– and some of his replies are so blunt, it’s actually surprising.

Q1: what made you pick-up drumming?

“There was always music playing and instruments around my house growing up. my dad works in the music industry so he taught me a lot. Freshman year of HS I got put in a percussion class. most of it was pretty boring but we did a month stretch of drum kit time which all the band kids hated but I thought it was tight. after that I bought a $300 drum kit (my kit now) and just went from there.”

Q2: what are your top five favorite artists?

“With no particular order or particular thought put into it because that’s impossible: 3 stacks
Travis Scott
Ginger baker
Kurt Cobain
Frank Ocean.”

Q3: your name “jasperisdead”, what does that mean/refer to? What made you come up with it?

“I don’t know really. I was looking for a new @ name and “JASPERISDEAD” sounded cool so I just ran with that as my whole “stage name” or whatever ‘cause I like my first name a lot but wanted to add something different.”

Q4: are you planning to go on tour or anything in the coming years?

“that’s the goal is to tour. but right now I’m focused on my own audience so I don’t necessarily have to rely on anyone else. On Halloween I’m doing a UHaul pop up show in LA. It’s going to be very fun– just a bunch of people moshing to my mix as I play the drums. I wanna jump off the UHaul too, but I don’t think that many people will come haha.”

Q5: 2 things that annoy you the absolute most, out of everything on the planet?

“Just people in general annoy me a lot. They think they know everything and their opinion is important to the universe even though that’s completely ridiculous. And it annoys me when I go to get water from the filter and I didn’t fucking refill it because I’m a lazy piece of shit who smoked too much weed so I gotta sit there and watch the water drip drop down so I can quench my thirst.”

Q6: you seem to use twitter the most to post your music and interact with fans, why twitter?

” I tried the whole YouTube thing but never got that many views. and I like doing it on here because I get to make sure the artist sees it. I get feedback and if it’s shitty feedback I get to make fun of their stupid avi with their stupid ciroq bottle to their ear like we get it you drink you’re fucking cool.”

Q7: give one message to those wanting to pursue/follow an area like music.

“Make the art you want to see in the world.”

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