Now, every time I’m shown kindness

I want to cry;

It’s like I’ve never been so touched before.


I was never open enough to let people touch me —

Until I found bliss

in letting go of all things,

even myself for a moment,

an idea of myself at least.


I let my mind be free,

and it ran,


to a point where I found myself far away

from everything.




It was with balance,

that I found my way home.

Still me,

still free,

but I knew more now.


So hyper-aware of self and others,

yet I was ignoring both.

I grew too comfortable with solace,

I’m sure.


I have since re-focused my visions outward,

and I’ve started to see

that there are many people

among the earth’s soil

who are truly good,

but very few who are free.


and now,

every time I’m shown kindness,

I’m moved to tears.

© Siera Carpenter


Photo by myself • Siera Carpenter


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