Saturation II Review

The boy band rap group BROCKHAMPTON has done it again. They’ve composed a sequel to Saturation called Saturation II and this one is even better than the first.

The whole album shows each artist’s strong points and as a group. With songs like “GUMMY” and “TOKYO” on the album, it really highlights the group’s artistic dynamic.

Would it be a BROCKHAMPTON album if Kevin Abstract didn’t rap about being gay? This group is also queer friendly and gives people from the LGBT+ community a quality album that isn’t homophobic.


They never fail to surprise us, even lyrically. I’m not a Drake ass nigga. I’m more like Troye Sivan, with a whole lotta melanin,” Kevin Abstract said in “JESUS.” Not only are they funny but many people can also relate to them. Music that you can relate to is what makes music worth listening to.


In the album they spoke on racism in the fashion industry as well. “First of fuck Dolce & Gabbana, racist mothersuckers tryna be my father,” Dolce & Gabbana released a shoe imperceptibly named “Slave Sandal” in 2016. A group that’s woke, now that’s a group to stan.


Overall this album was good and really showed the group’s talent. Everyone works well together and you can hear the hard work they put in all throughout the album. This is an album anyone can enjoy and relate to, 10/10 would recommend.


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