PewDiePie’s Racist Remarks… Again.

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Youtube sensation PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) is involved in another racist scandal… again.

A couple days ago, youtube star PewDiePie made grossly racist remarks on a livestream, where he said “What a fucking ni**er… sorry, asshole I mean” Here is a link to the video, but I must warn you, it’s very vulgar.

First and foremost it’s completely not okay for him to use that word, in ANY context. That word was created to demean a whole race of people and is STILL being used as a way to take away their humanity to this day. PewDiePie shouldn’t have said the word, point blank. SO where does this leave him now?


Well as of now, PewDiePie has not released a statement or any official video evaluating what he’s done, whether it’s trying to apologize or rationalize his behavior, but I have a feeling it won’t be the latter. PewDiePie has had a repetitive running joke with his reputation in 2017. From paying two unknowing guys online to write anti-semitic jokes online earlier in the year, to actually saying the n-word on multiple occasions, he has been in the media’s eye for this entire year, and seems to never learn. EDIT 09/12/17: Felix Kjellberg has apologized on his channel for his actions, you can watch here.


Ironically, this latest fiasco happened merely weeks after he made a video saying he wanted to separate himself from the white supremacists and racists in Charlottesville. Kjellberg loves to play victim while at the same time giving people reasons to label him a bigot.


Fortunately, no one is taking this lightly. Sean Vanaman, co-founder of Camp Santo and director of Firewatch, took action by filing DMCA takedowns of any Firewatch content on PewDiePie’s channel, which will also restrict to any Camp Santo games being streamed by the YouTuber.


But, if you can believe, there are actual supporters of this derogatory language and have stood by his side. People (non-black may I add) that claim the slur is ‘just a word’ and that saying slurs during playing games is part of the video game culture.


Toxicity has always been a problem in video games, from 12-year-olds in XBOX Live yelling racial slurs to grown men yelling them 15 years later on a platform to millions of people. I believe gaming should be an inclusive experience where people feel safe to experience the richness of without having their race attacked.


YouTube hasn’t released an official statement on what they were going to do, but they dropped PewDiePie and isolated themselves from his content months ago after the first instance. If PewDiePie keeps his racist, edginess up, he might get his channel taken away or more restrictions on what he can and can’t make content on.


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