New York Fashion Week Thus Far: A Recap


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Fashion month! We are in it! It is here! I don’t typically go for exclamation points, but September is worthy of them! I’m just gonna take the route of doing a rundown highlighting all the major things that have gone on since September 7th.

It all began with Tom FordBecause he is Tom Ford, and he likes to be first. His Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear collection was a mixture of things we haven’t seen in awhile, and it was refreshing. I really enjoyed the pant-less looks, the shoulder pads, and the 90’s-esque suits. I can’t say it was extraordinary, earth-shattering or any other adjectives used to rave about things, but it wasn’t terrible by any means. It was a smooth and safe start to NYFW.

Not long after Tom Ford, we were graced with VFILES. I was totally obsessed with every look from their Spring 2018 RTW collection. The models were diverse. The clothes were abstract yet wearable, and the looks were all creatively pieced together. I love maximalism, but it is HARD to do. There are so many ways that maximalist looks could go wrong, but I don’t think there is one look in this collection that couldn’t appeal to a variety of aesthetics. It was totally innovative, and there was a head-to-toe millennial pink outfit. Two things I live for.

The next most notable show was Calvin Klein. Raf Simons is amazing, and I usually worship anything he creates. But, this collection really didn’t grab me at first. I had to intricately look at each look multiple times before I was absolutely in love with it, but I am absolutely in love with it. The horror-movie concept was just so cool. I particularly loved the mad-scientist looks, the silky, androgynous suits and the pom-pom dresses were genius.

Cushnie et Ochs was stunning. The colors were so gorgeously placed together, and I really think that using Frida Kahlo as a muse was such a clever decision. It really contributed to the sexy and sophisticated vibe I got from the whole collection.

Brandon Maxwell is up next. I honestly wasn’t struck by this show, and I believe the attention it is getting is because most of the models were a-listers. This show had Gigi and Bella Hadid, Joan Smalls, Adwoa Aboha, Romee Strijd, Taylor Hill, and Karlie Kloss. That is just naming a few. The clothes were very light, feminine and pretty. Not much else to be said.

Jeremy Scott has always been tacky to me but in the best way possible. He owns the tackiness. There is always so much color and pattern that it just works. I was a sucker for all the glitter.

One of my favorite shows so far was Self-Portrait. The clothes were cohesive and all represented a certain type of woman. I might be biased because I would wear all the pieces that went down the runway. Either way, it was beautiful.

Lastly, I wanted to mention Jill Stuart’s collection because it was everything I wanted Alexa Chung’s to be. It was feminine and edgy, yet still creative. It was a terrific way to celebrate her 25th year in the industry.

For a little disclaimer, I didn’t feel like addressing Tory Burch or Jason Wu because they were so boring.

Overall, it has been a pretty eventful first week, and we all know it only gets better from here. New York may be one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world, but when it comes to fashion week, what New York is lacking is in Paris, Milan, and London. I can’t wait to see what Alessandro has done for Gucci in Milan, what Rei has done for Comme in Paris and so much more. Nevertheless, September is a great month. I look forward to seeing you back next week as New York Fashion Week ends and London begins.


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