The Caribbean Islands Experience One Of The Worst Hurricane To Pass Over The Atlantic: Irma

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With Hurricane Irma making it’s way to the Floridian Peninsula, panic in the states are rising. This panic is due, in large part, to the devastation caused in Texas earlier this August. The panic is understandable, Florida has not had to face a hurricane of this magnitude in years, people have been preparing, evacuating, and even practically ransacking grocery stores. Everyone has been checking the news at what seems like hourly intervals, checking the possible storm surge, the possible height of waves,or the speed of the winds. However, the media’s focus on the damage that might be caused by Irma in the Unites States has completely overshadowed the damage that is currently doing in the Caribbean Islands.


The Leeward Islands were the first to be hit. They experienced the brunt of the force that Irma will unleash. Irma hit the Leeward Islands as a category five. The winds sped up to as fast as 220 miles per hour, the fastest hurricane to ever pass over the atlantic ocean. Then, Barbados was hit with a devastating force like something out of a disaster movie.


On Wednesday, Puerto Rico was hit with winds at 185 miles per hour. The entire island will be engulfed by the storm’s passing and residents are even preparing to be left without electricity for up to six months.


After Irma hits the island of Hispaniola and Cuba it will then hit the States as a category 3 hurricane. These storms are still brutal, but we in Florida will most likely not experience anything as catastrophic as those small islands in the Caribbean.  


After the damage is done, we need to remember the Caribbean islands. donate, send care packages, volunteer your time if you can. Do not forget those outside of the States, they need just as much help.


Written by Gabriella De Gracia

Gaby is an aspiring Journalist from Miami, Florida.
Find her on Instagram: @niceonegab

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