The 1975: Goodbye to an Era/Analysis

This is a fond farewell
To an album
An era
A change
A circle
That has been completed
As for it is always around but in another period

I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It: an album that happened to turn into an entire era, make a drastic change, draw a whole new circle and opened more eyes than ever, has come to an end; from the words of Matty Healy.

To some newer fans or “passive” listeners of The 1975, some may think it’s just another album with some pop music. But if you were present during the lower “era” of The 1975 back in 2013-2014, you would be a bit more emotionally and musically drawn to the change of direction in this album.

ILIWYS, to me, contained so many ups and downs, alongside the climaxes and resolutions in the songs on the album. I never thought an album would influence my change of heart, or cleanse my headspace. From the instrumental pieces like Please Be Naked, and ILIWYS, I didn’t realize such sounds and movements like those could have so much meaning to them, and to me; even if it meant differently for us.
Please Be Naked is interpreted differently, obviously like probably every other song on the album. It allegedly is supposed to mimic the waves and feelings within a person during sex, or having “naked” means “stripped down” as for the song has removed lyrics, guitar riffs, and basic musical aspects, leaving techno instrumentals. As for the song ILIWYS, it shows the sentimental, innocent ambiance of seeing your lover appear so beautiful whilst in a state of rest– without effort, and that sure is a moment that can influence your love and interpretation of someone.

Some personal circumstances were shown through songs like and Nana, and it was like a shell the was broken, or the peak of a mountain you finally see through the clouds. To me, pieces like those are meant to be something like a cleanse, a pause, and/or be something so simple. It was raw, and up front…

Lostmyhead was a song that influenced my peaks, realizations and also was there for me when I ironically enough, lost my head.
Specifically 3:18 to the end of Lostmyhead, it was a moment where I pictured a dream [my dream] becoming its most chaotic and after those scenes, I realized I slept through it and woken up, hence the end of the song.

Besides the songs that spoke to me on a deeper level, how could you forget to jam to such bops like This Must Be My Dream, The Ballad Of Me and My Brain, The Sound, UGH! or Love Me?! With those songs and others like them on the album, it’s like they released a whole new way of interpreting a lot of things, vocalizing such things in certain ways, and made sense of things that are and aren’t alike. Those pop-like songs are either prior or followed by slower movements on the album– because next thing you know, you’re jamming to She’s American, and your whole mood changes when If I Believe You comes on.

I personally think A Change of Heart is such a cute song with the video alike. I picture it as a more of an obvious and blunt idea of love/relationships and losing interest and infatuation for that someone.

The album is really a sequence of [day] dreaming and existing in different kinds of worlds/aspects of life. From Love Me with the celebrity appearances, crazy makeup and slight erotic gestures to the frantic senses and wildness in The Ballad…, it does come full circle with different technical styles and moods of the music itself, with the addition of lyrics, and visuals.

In my opinion, this era gained a bigger audience and they used that to bring attention to certain issues and concepts. At their shows, it was known for them to show LGBT+ flag colors whilst performing Loving Someone, to show their support and openness towards the LGBT+ community. They spoke in important areas like race, LGBT+, politics, and classism when certain events would occur. They tributed their shows to particular tragedies and spread their own messages to their fans to educate them in tense times within society. I personally think there’s no better way to spread messages, entertain themselves, and their fans– to talk about things in an enclosed environment like their concerts, where people are there for the same reason with even the slightest similarity in their mindsets– so what better place to educate?

I find it mesmerizing that something as simple as the aesthetic curated for ILIWYS, created a whole new realm for them, and interested me in a really broad way. The pink aesthetic, the confidence in being open-minded, the wild metaphors, unfiltered phrases, and honesty within the album reeled me in more than I expected. To me, the visuals associated with the music was more than just an album cover, color or set of text. They created photo sets/series to personify their metaphors and create a more in-depth connection alongside their project. They took their opinions, thoughts, and ideas and put them to music, and also created beautiful, stylish merchandise too, to maintain and fit their aesthetic but continuing to push the concept of “fuck it, do whatever you want”.

But with the closing of ILIWYS, and the welcoming of Music For Cars making it’s apparent debut fairly soon, it is a possible sister/brother of their older extended play EP, (also Music For Cars) which was released in 2013. That EP had another close favorite song of mine, Head.Cars.Bending. I wonder if Music For Cars will have its own entire new element they haven’t shown to us before…? Being how they are: teasers, previews, tweeting future song lyrics and all, who knows?

I found this was a big era which came across a significant part of my life. It was honestly a really fun ride, and I wouldn’t want to live through the day after February 26th, 2016 with no other album, created by no other group of people and relate to people who understand it so well. Although I didn’t see all of this purity unfold in real time, so many good things came out of the approximate year and a half of ILIWYS, and to for it to close with such an abrupt but understandable ending. I am sure they are proud of themselves and their successes from releasing an album and creating such new things.


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