Daniel Caesar “Freudian” Album Review

Daniel Caesar the Toronto based singer-songwriter released his debut album Freudian on August 25, 2017. He first came onto the scene by releasing his debut ep Praise Break in 2014 where Pilgrim’s Paradise followed right after in 2015. This time he’s back with pouring all of his soul and emotions into this album. The rhythm each song has is unique and irresistible which makes you anticipate for more. Freudian portrays the different aspects of life where everyone faces at least once. The mixture of R&B and gospel placed into this album leaves me astonished. All of his words filled with love and life leaves an impression.

Daniel begins the album with his groundbreaking track Get You ft. Kali Uchis (initially released on October 20, 2016). This song hits me every time I listen to it; the feeling of falling in love will get to you. The line Caesar sings that’ll leave you in awe is “Who could’ve thought I get you?”. As well as Kali Uchis singing the outro is so beautiful.

Track 02 begins with artist H.E.R starting the song Best Part. Best Part demonstrates how they adore and show devotion to their significant other. As H.E.R and Daniel Caesar’s voices join together in the chorus is so angelic and full of comfort.

Hold Me Down coming in third will have you mesmerized by a familiar tune coming from Hold Me Now by Kirk Franklin. The way he feels for this girl is true love but, she ends up breaking that bond they’ve had. In the chorus he sings “First you love me then you leave me in the basement.”

Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song) reveals the love affair between one another. The first part is sung by a mysterious woman that hasn’t been claimed yet; she sings about the mistakes she has made and want to love him again; “There are times where I think about that fateful day. I threw your love away.” After that verse, Daniel comes in saying how he should’ve trusted his friends since the beginning and could’ve had the chance to leave her. Yet, he also came to a point where he cheated on her as well saying “Babe, I know I fucked up. Fucked with some empty cups.” 

Loose uncovers the truth on how he must let go of the girl he loves, talking himself into leaving her which will end their relationship. “You better cut that girl loose.” The outro leads into the next song We Find Love where all of it began.

We Find Love makes you visualize your first love and how it didn’t last. Daniel takes the familiar tune from We Fall Down by Kyle David Matthews and cooperates his melodic voice. At first, he thought that the girl of his dreams will end up being the “one” yet, in the end, their back to being strangers. The beginning line left me emotional “You don’t love me anymore. Let’s see how you like this song.” This concludes to the end of a relationship that could’ve been better.

Blessed showcases how a blessing can change oneself forever in which that special girl made him feel that way. Although he may have done horrible things in the past that he can’t change, he’s blessed to have someone who cares for him. “And yes, I’m a mess but I’m blessed to be stuck with you.” He feels as if this girl boosts his confidence through love and support for one another.

Take Me Away ft. Syd (The Internet) confirms a new love interest where they speak through body language. All the affection they convey to each other is their way through love. I enjoy the way Syd was included on this album with her soulful voice.

Transform ft. Charlotte Day Wilson exhibits how one tries to change themselves for the better. No matter how hard you try to change someone their past selves is still within them. By being with one another the “better” you surface. Daniel sings about the significant other and how he doesn’t know how to let go.

Freudian the last and title track of the whole album. This symphonic 10-minute track is about Daniel singing about how he’ll always protect his girl and is the reason behind everything. “You are the reason. The reason I sing. I have to preserve you cause you’re my everything.” This girl means the world to Daniel and has a deeper meaning than love. He basically lists all of the things he loves about her and how it influences him to be the good in life.

Overall, Freudian has caught my attention and I enjoyed every single part of it. If you haven’t listened to this album yet I suggest you give it a try!






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