Bringing His Spirituality To The Silver Screen

Scarlet slivers vein around the white of actor Kevin Sorbo’s eyes -who had flown into Chicago from Los Angeles at nearly 5:30 am- and he inclines himself against the autograph counter to greet anxiously awaiting fans. His children busily scramble to keep order as his oldest son, Braden, organizes the line and entertains guests before they meet his father.

Before Sorbo was most recognized as Hercules from his series, Hercules, he had spent time modeling in Europe for three years at the start of his career. “I met a girl,” Sorbo said. “I don’t have any regrets.”

As Sorbo prepares for the release of nine new films that will enter cinemas either this year or in 2018, a majority of his roles are characterized as a man who is either involved within the church or fondly practices his Christianity. For him, this isn’t something that concerns him too heavily or calls for an amount of preparation.

“I grew up that way [religious] in Minnesota. When I was 13-years-old I started listening to Billy Grahm,” Sorbo said. “I try to be that way when meeting people but I don’t force my religion on others.”

He noted that there has been a drastic stigma around his practice, and compared the view of practicing Christianity to the view of Islam, and the perception that in which each religion is publically viewed as. Stereotypes heed the interpretation of a person’s behaviors, morals, and their lifestyles.

“I don’t argue religion,” Sorbo said as he compares Islamism to his own belief in divinity,” Sorbo said, referring to the worship of Allah. “Let’s not get angry.”

Let There Be Light, starred in and directed by Sorbo, is a film featuring his wife and children as his character finds himself through his spirituality, and is described as a ‘Christmas’ movie that will be coming out this October.

“[I directed Let There Be Light because] I wanted control over the movie,” Sorbo said. Besides having his children travel with him from convention to convention, this was his way of keeping his family connected and together.

“Let There Be Light” Trailer


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