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“Incredible” On And Off Screen

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“Incredible” On And Off Screen

Thor is going to be a big surprise,” actor Lou Ferrigno said at Wizard World Comic Con Chicago on Thursday evening. The Incredible Hulk and King of Queens star Ferrigno persists that the details of the new, third installment of Marvel’s Thor series, “Ragnarok,” tightly stay between him and the studio.

Though Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton have been the face of gamma-radiated scientist and “science bro” Bruce Banner, Ferrigno has been the man behind the trademark roars of the rage-fuelled beast, The Hulk. Ragnarok will be Hulk-smashing into theaters this upcoming fall and will be the shortest film produced by Marvel Studios. Director Taika Waititi had teased on Twitter that Ragnarok will only run for an hour and forty minutes, with another forty of post-credit scenes.

When he’s not rehearsing his mammoth vocalizations, Ferrigno keeps himself occupied with other productions. Purge of Thrones, a satiric twist on HBO’s Game of Thrones, casts Ferrigno as Ned Stark. “It was filmed in England,” Ferrigno said, “It was a very different society. The food very bland.”

The actor had lost a notable percent of his hearing at a young age and heavily relies on lip reading as a form of communication. He said that the greatest challenge of filming Purge of Thrones was the English accent and understanding it.

In addition to working in Europe for the series, Ferrigno is involved with the production of a project for Sony, which he anticipates its reveal.

Alongside his successful career as an actor, Ferrigno is widely recognized as “Mr. Universe,”  “Mr. America,”  and “Mr. Teen America.” He said that he depends on his personal power and his balanced diet that has kept his bodybuilding career prosperous for 53 years.

“I am a great bodybuilder, a champ, I enjoy my life, I have passion, and great friends,” Ferrigno said. “I reach my maximum and I try to teach myself something every day. [Today, I taught myself to] not take myself too seriously.”



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