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Deeds Really Are More Powerful Than Words

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As I recently started my freshman year of high school, I also joined FFA. As it stands for Future Farmers of America, we have a creed and in one part of it, there’s a part that talks about how doing deeds is better than speaking about them. In the world we live in today, this is very important.

“I believe in the future of agriculture, with a faith born of not words but of deeds…

This is very important because with politics going on and inequality all over the world, we need to not just speak up, but actually get to work to make this planet a better place. This goes for simple things, like taking care of the environment, and goes for much more larger things, like citizens wanting a better government that makes people more secure and safe.

For example, look up to Mark Ruffalo. A well-known activist, he not only shares his opinion on many social media sites, but he goes out and protests for many causes, like against the Dakota Access Pipeline and against Trump’s presidency. However, Chris Evans speaks out against many causes on Twitter, but he’s never been spotted at a protest out in public. Do you see the difference here?

I think actually doing something instead of just talking about something is super important in today’s lifestyle. FFA is all about giving back to agriculture and the community, which is why we take action in most cases, and you don’t have to be in the club to do this exact thing. You can be in Walmart and see an elderly person struggling to get groceries, and you can choose to help them out by getting the grocery instead of just looking back and hoping someone takes care of them. This is having faith born of not words, but of deeds like the creed said.

It’s not a hard concept at all. It’s one of the social skills we have, and we’ve had it for forever. Why don’t we put it to use anymore? There is so much negativity in the world, and we need to get rid of it. This goes from the behavior from the government to lives at home. Go out and protest. Make a difference. We all complain about how everything sucks, so why not do something about it? There are cases where it can be hard, sure, and I get that. For those who can protest, however, please do. We need you. Go out and help protect the lives of LGBTQ+ teens and adults, protect black lives and black trans lives, and protect Muslim lives. Do these deeds for all of us.


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Written by Elizabeth Poe

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