Through My Eyes: A Poem on Sexism’s Reality

Image via New York Times

Catcalling is a cruel reality all people have struggled with at some point in their life. I have been catcalled on runs. I have been catcalled on nights out. One time, even, my friend catcalled someone out of my own car window. While catcalling may be recognized as a ‘thing,’ it is not always noted for its severity. In writing this poem, I draw upon one personal experience I had with catcalling in New Orleans. Through it, I hope to illustrate why more should be done against catcalling and how, currently without action, we are only perpetuating this trend.

You’re not in the city

Until you’re catcalled on the streets

And you


like you have to keep walking

Feet obliging following pattern.
And you


like you must not engage

Eyes straight.

And you


like you have to stay silent

Lips shut.

And you

feel like,
When it’s over,
You must share a glance and

Mouth the words
“Only in the city”
when , really, it is in



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