A Healthy Lifestyle Leads to Long-lasting Beauty

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We always talk about the importance of choosing the right lip gloss, the perfect mascara, the right shade of powder, but have we thought about adopting the right lifestyle to achieve beauty?

“Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you who you are.” -Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Nutrition widely affects your appearance. For example, teens who suffer from acne, are told that it’s due to their hormones and puberty. This isn’t completely true. In fact, Acne is a type of food allergic reaction. If you have acne, that means that the diet you’re following doesn’t agree with your body.

Gluten, sugar, and dairy products are your skin’s enemies and cause severe acne.

Aside from food, sleep plays a major role in affecting your appearance. During sleep, your cells regenerate, keeping us young and healthy. Sleep deprivation stops our cells from regenerating which causes eventually dark circles, acne, skin redness, and breakouts. Going to bed late may affect your sleep quality, cause insomnia, and obesity. In fact, when you’re tired, your appetite increases and your body demands more food. Here we come now, to the most important part: Physical activities. Aside from preventing you from obesity, cardiovascular problems, and diabetes, exercising your body is really good for your skin. In fact, by working out, your blood flow increases and your skin cells get nourished and regenerated.Your body also gets rid of cell debris. Thus, your skin looks clear, acne free and glowing.

In conclusion, to have a natural long-lasting beauty, a whole lifestyle change must occur. Eat fruits, drink fresh juice, consume vegetables, sleep for many hours, and do a physical activity, and finally, love yourself by embracing your flaws.


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