Skin Care/Self Care Tips

With teenagers in this generation, we are peaking both intellectually, socially and physically. The majority of us face high school and the weights associated with it, we have a family life at home to keep up with, and (some) of us have relationship drama both romantically and non-romantically.


I believe we forget to take time to ourselves, as we are still growing and often times get extremely caught up with things in various moments of our lives. We forget to partake in those “Self Care Sundays” to refresh our minds and bodies– especially when we are under stress, angst, worry, and other negative feelings. So occasionally, those feelings manifest themselves on our faces, in our behavior, posture, and tone of voice. To better control the changes, start making changes and breaking the monotony of those basic and cliche self-care routines, here’s a list curated by me personally, to begin a long road…



  • Drink tea (homemade tea, Starbucks tea, etc!) It naturally calms you, and give you nutrients and energy.
  • Go on a walk near your home/workplace, be sure to know your area beforehand.
  • Start doing YOGA! It may seem “lame”, but it actually really helps if you try! It helps stretch your body and get rid of physical and mental tension/strain.
  • Practice procrastinating less, you’re delaying things you need to do, thus not helping yourself. When you need something done, do it and don’t worry about it anymore.
  • Take yourself on a date! Treat yourself to lunch and take a whole booth, go to the movies, try on nice clothes at the mall– have fun with yourself!
  • Girls, it’s perfectly okay not to shave your legs before you go out, so don’t stress about it and just go for it! It’s also a step to self-acceptance/confidence.
  • Pace yourself in any activities or dramatic decisions you have to make.
  • Wake up earlier than usual a few days a week! It allows you to get things done, make your day a little longer and makes you feel comfortable waking up as early.
  • Try healthy eating one day a week, whether it’s a vegan/vegetarian meal, a diet meal, or downing a bunch of nice, fresh fruits.
  • Put your phone down! For going on a walk, it’s okay to take your phone but try not to use it!
  • Buy yourself flowers! Get some pretty flowers from anywhere, put them in a vase, admire them and take care of them.
  • Reassuring yourself that you and your feelings are VALID and no one should belittle them or tell you otherwise.

Have any other self-care ideas? Share them with me!



  • Coconut Oil – for cleansing and moisturizing if your pores don’t get clogged easily.
  • Green Tea – good to drink obviously, but also for anti-inflammatory things, and to glow!
  • Clay Masks – good for oily skin! It helps remove excess oils.
  • Strawberry + Honey – good for oily skin!

Using natural ingredients and products so much better and healthier than industrial/chemical products with ingredients you can’t even pronounce.


If you would like some more ideas or want to share some with more or others, share them!


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