Dear baby girl


I look at you

And I see pureness


Maybe that is why I love you so much


I love you in this world

Because you are the pureness we need


You are half Caucasian

You are half Indian


When you look into the mirror

You are looking at the new dress mom bought

And the way it flows when you spin around


You are in kindergarten

You are almost six years’ old


When you walk into class

You are friends with everyone




Because you have not been exposed

You have not been exposed to the world

That teaches you to rid yourself of pureness


All of a sudden you will grow up

And you will look into the mirror

And only focus on your skin color


Part of this world has taught you to only focus on your skin color

You never understood how that made a difference in your life

Until part of the world made you think it should


You are white

You can see it now

You can see the stares that your family is given

When walking in public with you


Why are they even staring?


All of a sudden you will grow up

And you will see the segregation in class

You will see it in the way your teachers act

You will see it in the way others make friends


You will see it



Dear baby girl

I never wish a day upon you

In which you see those situations transpire


I will fight for you

Baby girl

I will fight for those treated with injustice


Because the way my spirit is crushed

Every time I hear what is happening

On the news

Over social media

From my very own best friends

Should not be a feeling anyone should have


Because while only my spirit is crushed

There are people that are facing

A movement to solely crush them


Not their spirits

But their entire lives



Dear baby girl

Remember that actions speak louder than words

And that staying silent is siding with the oppressor


Go through life and bring good with you

And to the people around you


~Shoutout to Lilly Stribling for being a great editor~



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