Baby Powdered Dreams

Within the wild parade of my issues, nightmares and terrors rule after hours, keeping everything out of check. I’ve always had very vivid dreams and semi-frequent nightmares, but over the past year, they’ve become more noticeable. I’ll wake up out of breath, panic breaking through the blanket of sedatives and anti-anxiety medications. They’re awful and I wouldn’t wish my sleeping disorders on my worst enemy, but there is a cool hidden world behind dreams.

Oneirology, the study of dreams, focuses on the active state of your brain during the REM cycle in your sleep, even though it is not exclusive to that specific cycle. The psychology behind dreams can open up a lot of subconscious thoughts that take the form of sensations, activities, people, and events. Although nightmares are deeply distressing and can often be psychologically draining, they allow us to open ourselves up and find methods to solve issues in our daily lives.

I’m going to focus on some characteristics of my common nightmares so that you can get an understanding of how the characterization works.

I am naked– This represents how in my life I often feel defenseless and vulnerable. It clearly depicts my anxiety about how others perceive me and the opportunity to be taken advantage of.

I am running up stairs but never reaching the top– This one is pretty clear. I am obsessive in my tendencies and can never really get to where I want to be. I feel hopeless in my daily life and might set unrealistic goals for myself, always ending up disappointed.

I am locked somewhere, usually a basement– This shows how uncomfortable I am with being out of control in situations, such as being locked in an area without me being able to leave.

I am being hit, usually, by people I love–, This is probably the most morbid of all as far as being able to see and feel people hurting me. It tells me that I am insecure about my connection to other people and am worried about being hurt emotionally by them.

Okay, you get the point. Now, this is all doom and gloom, but once I had a dream that this boy I like was a Satan worshipper and we were at a winter camp. Instead of snow… get ready ladies and gents… there was baby powder. Everywhere. However, even seemingly happy or innocent dreams can have deep meanings. Random objects that stick out to you can symbolize things in your life. Say you see a phone in your dream that you are talking into. The phone might stand for your communication with others and yourself.


You associate certain identities with emotions and experiences, and dreams are a means of showing you what really goes on in your brain.


It surprises me that people don’t think much about their dreams or don’t take them seriously since they can point out a lot of things in their lives. So take a gander at some psychology books and do a google search on your supposedly “random” dreams.



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