A$AP Rocky’s Problematic Dior Shirt

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In early June, the A$AP Mob released a video for the song “Wrong,” in which it features A$AP Rocky wearing Maria Grazia Chiuri’s t-shirt that says “We Should All Be Feminists.” Now, I enjoy A$AP Rocky’s face just as much as the next girl and even though this was a very evident brand deal, it was still a great concept. Rocky is no stranger to high fashion, so seeing him in the Dior T-shirt wasn’t surprising and it was nice to see a somewhat political statement in a rap video. Those were my thoughts until A$AP Ferg opened his mouth and henceforth never stopped referring to women as bitches.

The whole song is about infidelity and disrespecting women’s emotional investment in a relationship, but that is just about every other rap song in the music industry. Nothing new here, but Rocky’s choice of shirt actually makes me question his common sense. I’m sure he could have raked in the money from Dior by sporting this shirt at any event he attends, so why did he choose this video? I’ll tell you why.

People praised Rocky for wearing the Dior shirt. The comment section knelt down in front of him and bowed because he was “standing up for women’s rights.” A$AP Rocky was applauded as if all it took to solve the world’s gender problems was a $700 shirt that was most likely produced in a factory by underprivileged and underpaid women.

I also question why Maria Grazia even made the shirt in the first place. She is the first female Creative Director of Dior, so she might feel like she needs to prove something. You can see a lot of brands using activism as a way to interest a wider variety of people. She has been openly criticized for her interpretation of the brand because her designs differ a lot from the past aesthetic of the fashion house.

No matter what the motivation was behind the creation of the shirt or sporting it in the video, it’s still problematic. Maria Grazia shouldn’t feel the need to prove herself and use feminism in order to do that. A$AP Rocky should have been more conscious about when he used that shirt and people shouldn’t have been so quick to praise him. Respecting women isn’t a trend or a fashion statement.


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