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Tunisia Celebrates Women

Image via Middle East Eye

Every 13 of August since 1956, Tunisia celebrates its Women: those leaders who have demonstrated their skills in every field, who have proven to the whole world that they’re indeed EQUAL to men.

Tunisian Women obtained their rights in 1956, thanks to our late president “Habib Bourguiba”, who established after Tunisia’s independence, the “Code of Personal Status in Tunisia”, which are a set of laws aiming to achieve equality between the two genders. Thus, Tunisian women had access to education, the right to choose their husband, to get a divorce, and many other freedoms established in the free world.

Even before the Independence, Tunisian Women fought for their rights. Bchira Ben Mrad who was the first Tunisian feminist, founded the Muslim Union for Tunisian Women (UMFT). Radhia Haddad, a well-known feminist who was the second UNFT ( The National Union of Tunisian Women), facilitated the effort for women’s right to education. Many women continued to make strides within the female community such as, Tawhida Ben Cheikh, the first woman in the Arab and Muslim world to become a doctor, and Fethia Mzali, one of the founding members of the National Union of Tunisian Women who held a conference in 1959 concerning birth control and planned parenthood.

Thanks to these women, Tunisia now is a pioneering country when it comes to women’s rights and Tunisian women have never ceased militating for their rights. However, some issues are still remaining like the equality of inheritance, violence against women or sexual harassment….

As a Tunisian female, I am extremely proud of being a woman, but also of being a Tunisian. I wish to congratulate all Tunisian Women for overcoming their different personal, professional and social challenges and being the accomplished women they are today.

Our advocacy journey isn’t done yet. As Tunisia’s Youth, we will continue to persevere, and raise our voices to defend Women’s rights, so they can continue to be successful and accomplished. Behind every great man is a great woman but behind every great woman is HERSELF.

Tahya Tounes ( Vive la Tunisie) 🇹🇳 🇹🇳 🇹🇳 🙌🙌


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