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Coming Up Empty: How Trump is Doing on Delivering Campaign Promises

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During the 2016 election, which comedian John Oliver called, “lice on rats on a horse corpse on fire”, current President Donald Trump made very bizarre claims to get him into the White House. Actions such as building a wall on the Mexican border, and negotiating with North Korea on the current missile crisis, have yet to even be neared carried out, and leave the American people wondering, what is the President doing besides carrying out now empty promises. Today, let’s look at some of the policies and actions President Trump based his campaign off of, and has failed in their execution .

Building the Wall on the Mexican Border:

” I will build a great big wall”. No you won’t Donald. The 1,900 mile border between Mexico and the United States is currently predicted to remain ‘wall-less’ as the expenses are currently too much for the United States to handle. The Customs and Border Protection has allocated funds of $20 million dollars for the wall, but $20 million is the cost for simply only one mile of the wall. The wall would cost near $20 billion, and other nations, such as Mexico, refuse to pay for it. Even politicians such as Democratic Arizona representative, Raul Grijalva, do not support the wall and are weary of its environmental, and economic impacts. Due to the resistance and constant issues surrounding the wall, the populous can only presume it will not be built.

Negotiating the North Korean Missile Crisis:

On the Campaign trail Donald Trump claimed there was a 10 to 20% chance he could talk to North Korea and he “will restore law and order to our country”. He has yet to do any of this. He continues to make non-credible claims to North Korea such as the United States putting “fire and fury” on North Korea and making no efforts to negotiate with them. Large strides have been made within the United Nations such as 2371, but the White House had very little to do with this success. As North Korea continues to make efforts to reach the United States, such as the threat of launching missiles at Guam, President Trump chooses to fight violence, with violence.

Health Care Reform:

Terrible. This is the word that perfectly describes the status of the Health Care Reform bill to repeal Obama Care. The bill has failed twice, and the last time in a 51 to 49 vote against, with the deciding vote being cast by John McCain who had recently been diagnosed with brain cancer. The Senate has “rejected a repeal without a replace” according to the New York Times, leaving one of his biggest campaign promises left undone. The American Health Care Act, even though failed, has been continuously scrutinized by the American public as its contents are not set to help the citizens of the United States. There are six pages within the new American Health Care Act that describe what would happen if someone on the new health care plan won the lottery, demonstrating the quality of the content the Republicans have drafted to try and help the American people.

These issues presented are some of the key parts of Donald Trump’s campaign platform, and his failure to carry them out should be of concern to Americans, as it makes us question the trust we have instilled in the leader of the free world.


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