Cacti prick through

Fear clouding second grade eagerness

Heat in the

Empty terrain


On a horse,

I might gallop

To remember all that

Once known

A hazy state

And white minivans

Sheltered in jackets of bugs

Buckled in

With rattlesnakes

I yell at my



He isn’t being



As a child

I wore bangs

Caution on my face

Clouds don’t offer cover

For lobstered



A helicopter rides above canyons

Really train tracks

That hid behind

Prison bars

Hoping fool’s gold isn’t quite so.


Whole family here

With cacti infused sand

In the back

Sleeping on air mattresses

In the back

That I share on the stormy nights

With my brother.

Rain clatters

But does not fall


On a horse,

I trot

In the empty promise

I am older

Legs hold close

Cacti might prick

In needles

Dismantling blood and vacation

I yell out

To Father

In the tide of the canyon’s barriers.

For photo’s sake

I may be cautious in his thunder.

Too cautious

I may be

On this flight


A Christmas spent

In hazy summer

Being all

That I



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