Beauty On a Budget With NYX (10 Lipstick/Lipgloss Hues)

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Although we all long to wear the “trending” shades of lipstick/gloss, we often splurge on expensive lip products, drowning our budget with it.  NYX is famous for creating identical lip gloss and lipstick stick dupes, so save your money and buy a dupe, not the original. Here are my top 10 NYX dupes:

1.) MAC “Candy Yum Yum” Lipstick ($17.50)  =   NYX “Shocking Pink” Lipstick ($5.99)

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2.) Anastasia Beverly Hills “Dainty” ($16.00)  = NYX “Apple Strudel” ($4.99)

Unknown-5.jpeg   Unknown-6.jpeg

3.) Kylie Jenner “Exposed” ($15.00)  = NYX “London” ($4.99)

Unknown-7.jpeg Unknown-8.jpeg

4.) MAC “Shy Girl” ($17.50)  = NYX “Pumpkin Pie” ($3.99)

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5.) NARS “Turkish Delight” ($26.00)  = NYX “Chandelier” ($5.50) (Note: the tints appear more similar when worn on one’s lips)

6.) MAC “Riri Heaux” ($18.99) = NYX “Matte Merlot” ($5.99)

7.) Too Faced “Childstar” ($21.00) = NYX “Laced Detail” ($6.99)

8.) Kylie Jenner “So cute” ($15.00) = NYX “Madeline” ($4.99)

9.) Stila “Bellissima” ($22.00) = NYX “Tokyo” ($5.99)

10.) Tarte “Pillow Talk” ($20.00) = NYX “Spirit” ($6.00) (Note: although one is lipgloss and one is lipstick, both products appear similar on one’s lips)

As you can see by the stark differences in prices and the identical hues, NYX has created a brand that allows our lips to look flawless, and our budget to remain in tact.


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