Wallflower’s Daydream

I used to dream a lot,
of quiet —

of serene scenes with wool blankets,

of nice things.


I used to dream, simply,

of coffee nooks,

and sweet things like reading books.


I’ve dreamt of times when my life is

just a little bit more quiet,

a bit more warm,

a time when my life is cozy,

but I’m never bored.


Though, in my utopia,

I love the city too.

The music is always too loud.

It’s too loud.

We drink too much,

but we never drown.


And I’m dreaming of it again,

here and there,

right now.


Moments of quiet.

Beautiful silence.


A time when my life will be

like reading books and coffee nooks,

living my dream

and it’s quiet.

© Siera Carpenter


Photo by myself • Siera Carpenter





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