A Gal in Galena

On a whim, my mom and I decided to go on a three hour road trip to Galena, Illinois. I’ve read numerous articles calling the town the best in the United States which made me interested on visiting this small town located on the border of Illinois. The town is practically frozen in  time due to its well-preserved 19th-century buildings. Galena looks exactly the same as it did during the Civil War, however the red brick buildings are charming boutiques, art galleries and restaurants. The town offers fine dining, numerous bed and breakfasts, golfing, and my person favorite antiquing. Although if you’re not into thrift shopping, there is also an abundance of modern shops filled with cute trinkets. The cafes and ice cream joints had an abundance of delicious food options so it was hard to pick where to eat. I personally ate at Victory Cafe and at Cedar Crest Ice cream.The workers were extremely helpful and kind and you could tell the food was made with love! The town itself was swarmed with elderly individuals, which I enjoyed because mentally I am 40+ years old and everyone had huge smiles on their faces. I found it interesting that the town had posters stating “See it here … Buy it here … Keep us here … small businesses make galena happen!” which is incredibly true. Without the small shops and boutiques, Galena’s Main Street would cease to exist, which is why shops ask the tourists not to take images in their shops. I totally recommend grabbing a few friends, or family members, to visit this small town and experience the effect of time travel back to the Civil War era, without the violence of course.


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