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Sometimes I find it hard to come up with metaphors and analogies in order to compare my feelings and put them into words. I realized that I have not simply stated how I felt in a long time.

I always feel obligated to prove that what I am feeling is real.

So I will just say write a simple statement with no comparisons to anything else but me.

I am happy and I have been happy.

Like the feeling of when the sun comes out and beams onto the shore, spreading warmth. Or when you are in the front or back seat of a car full of people you adore as you all sing a shared favorite tune.

Well look, I did it again.

I compared my feelings to something else to prove that what I am feeling is real.

I really do feel in extremes.

But, I guess it is because I haven’t been this happy in a while and it is kind of hard to accept it myself.

But I mean it when I say it, I’m happy. I really am.

And I hope one day, you will can feel this way, too.

About The Author

joyce is a sixteen year old girl who loves writing poetry and taking pictures of things/people she adores. she also loves harry styles and coffee. twitter: @joyce__yuen insta: @joyceyuuen

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