Pirates, Smugglers and Spirits

History and myth are entwined in the cobbled back streets and the treacherous shore of Robin Hoods Bay. Situated on the rugged North Yorkshire coastline, this town used to be a haven for smugglers and pirates from across the world. Long ago, residents even spoke of a mischievous spirit known as a ‘boggle’ that inhabits the caves in the cliff side.

I live very close to this hub of history and legend; when I had the opportunity to explore the town for myself I jumped at the chance. The legacy of the past is everywhere. With buildings nearly 400 years old and labyrinth streets designed to help smugglers escape the law (the idea worked, I got lost), Robin Hoods Bay is a fascinating place that I was compelled to capture and share its dark past with the world.

As for the boggle, well, perhaps those long-dead residents were right. When I walked into the cave the creature is said to inhabit, a large boulder fell from the ceiling and crashed down barely a meter to my left! This boulder would easily have killed me if I had been stood in a slightly different place. Freak of nature? Or ancient spirit? Take a trip to the Bay. Decide for yourself.


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