Is College Really Worth It?

Is college really worth it? Is it worth all the money and stress? No, college is not worth it. Paying overpriced for a higher education when all your life you have gotten a free education is not worth it. Going to college does not make you a better employee or a better person in society. So the question still stands; is college worth it?

Although I want to go to college and plan on going, it is not necessarily worth all the money and debt. While having a college degree could help you get a job, one is not needed to get a job either.

There are plenty of good jobs that do not require you have a college degree. For example; a medical assistant, insurance sales agent, and radiation therapist. Not only do these not require a degree but their median salary is between $25,000-80,000.

“One in three college graduates had a job that only required a high school diploma or less in 2012…” economics professor at Ohio University Richard Vedder said.

It is getting harder to go and pay for college. The tuition is only going up and fewer people are able to pay for it.

“Between 2011-12 and 2016-17, published tuition and fee prices rose by 9% in the public four-year sector, by 11% at public two-year colleges, and by 13% at private nonprofit four-year institutions, after adjusting for inflation,” according to The College Board.

Almost all college students have some sort of student debt to pay when they graduate.

When your college degree does not get you a job with decent pay, it is hard to pay off those student loans.

About 15% of graduates and professional school students graduate with six figure student loan debts. That’s not a very large percentage, considering how many students come out with large sums of student debt.

It is often heard that the better the education the better the job. It seems as if “good” is often construed with “expensive.” Everyone wants to go to the top, big league colleges that will cost their parents a fortune.

For some, college is just a way to avoid the real world for just a few more years. People with just a high school diploma not only have a four-year head start in the workforce, but they also skipped the part of student loans and debt.

What many people fail to realize is, college is not for everyone. Not everyone wants to go to school for another four years. Not everyone wants to go into a profession that requires a degree.

People without college degrees are often looked down upon. They are looked at as if they are less intelligent than a college graduate.

With that being said, no college is not worth it, to some. The stress, debt, and low salary are not worth a piece of paper saying “hey, you endured another four years of school!”


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