Thoughts When I Was 15

There’s a girl at my school.
A mystery.
Her outside look is just an act.
Wrists are full of cuts,
Blood full of drugs,
Heart full of lust.
She gave herself up
To a guy, she doesn’t love.
Hoping that this guy
Would bring her joy
A light to her day.
But he just hurt her
So she tried again.
Boy after boy
She thinks they can do it.
Bring her to happiness
But it’s all pretend.
She thought she fell in love
She thought he was the one.
She still loves him.
Or so she thinks.
Her friends don’t think so.
“He has to love you back”
“You’re just infatuated”
She’s close to giving up.
So many failed attempts.
So much late nights.
So broken.
Now that you hear about this girl.
You would probably pity her.
But when people find out
Who she really is.
This is all she hears:
“Freak, slut, attention whore”
No one understands how she really feels.
“Go cut yourself,” they said
“I wish you were dead”
It’s okay. I wish I was too.


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