Magnificent Coloring World Tour

Almost half of the year has gone right before our eyes! I can’t believe how fast time passes that I’m still reminiscing all of the joyful events that have happened to me so far. One being able to see Chance the Rapper live back in January. He kicked it off with his third mixtape Coloring Book and soon began his Magnificent Coloring World Tour. If you have the chance to see Chance the Rapper live, take the opportunity! You’ll definitely not regret it.

Chance the Rapper had a sold out concert for both tour dates here in Hawai’i. The hype for him was truly insane and fans filled up the area real quick. This Chicago artist went through his inspiring mixtapes about life. Starting with the classic “Angels” and ending with “Blessings”(Reprise). In the beginning part of the setlist, he performed some songs from Acid Rap like “Cocoa Butter Kisses”, “Favorite Song” and  “Smoke Again”. Chance the Rapper brought literal life to the stage! He demonstrated the many blessings in life and what to be truly grateful for.



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