The Seer

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The seer’s room was small and quite dark, except from a fat scented candle on the table in the middle of the room. There were no windows and fans, so the air in the room was warm, stalesticky. The room had a very strong odour that I couldn’t place. It was like a potpourri of incredibly overpowering smells. I felt very choked and claustrophobic. I tugged at my collar and shifted my feet in my shoes, hoping the seer would come out and advice me now. I could now feel sweat slowly touring my body. To distract myself, I glanced around the room again; it wasn’t exactly what I expected. Other than the scented candle on the table, the seer’s room wasn’t as extravagant as expected. There wasn’t anything you’d expect to find when you visit a psychic. Not even a glass ball on the table for “seeing into the future”. The room was bare, with just a table and two chairs in the middle of the room. It didn’t seem the part.
The seer himself looked even further from the part. He was smartly dressed in a plaid shirt and neat blue jeans. It was hard to pick out the seer’s facial features in the mysterious candle light glow. He sat on one chair and beckoned that I sit on the other. He seemed pretty normal, like the average person you’d run into at 8 AM at a bus stop. The only thing that seemed mysterious about him we’re his eyes. They were cold and hard, glaring and piercing. His eyes seemed to drill into my soul and draw our secrets. He had the eyes of a man de-sensitized to the trials of life. His pupils were coal black and in perfect contrast with his eyes. I could barely make out his other facial features in the darkness, but his eyes seem to cast their own light. A light that would pour out in the shadows in my life and illuminate a path for the future. The moment he looked at me, all doubts of the seer’s legitimacy melted and I suddenly realised why I had to make a full month reservation just to see him.
“Matthew, why have you come to see me?”
I was taken aback. “How do you know my name?” I stuttered. I was convinced I was in the presence of someone great.
The was a long silence, followed by a small sigh. Then the seer spoke, his voice ringing around the small room. “You made a reservation for this time. I have a note in my office saying I’m supposed to be seeing a Matthew on the 21st.” The seer paused and cocked his head to the side. “Its the 21st no?”
“Uhh yes it is. Sorry for questioning you.”
“Whatever.” The seer sighed again, then placed his arms on the table with a grunt and spoke. “Yoir reason for being here is?”
“Uhh, I just want some direction in my life.”
“Is there a problem in your home?”
“Job troubles?”
“Uhh no. Just got a promotion in fact.”
“Any problems at all in your life?”
“Uhh not at all.”
The seer let out a very deep groan. “So why the hell are you here?”
Matthew was slightly confused. “I was told you give some of the list insightful glances into the future. I just want to know what the future holds.”
The seer laughed. It was a weird sounding laugh. Then he stood up and walked towards the back of the room. A few seconds later, a bulb dangling from the ceiling flickered on. The seer, who I could now see clearly, returned to his seat and spoke again. “ Matthew, so you have your life together but you’re still coming for insights into the future?”
Matthew shrugged. He was now completely lost.
The seer continued. “Matthew, you look like the type of guy who is usually level headed and makes wise decisions, so i’ll be frank with you: I’m no seer.”
“That can’t be possible. You predicted everything that was going to happen to my aunt and her children.”
“So they referred you here?”
“You see Matthew, many people seem to be unable to make their own life choices. And a greater number of people can’t see the consequences of their actions.” The seer paused to clear his throat. “Any reasonable person can tell what would happen to another person if they continue down a particular path. These sort of people need to be cautioned. But as per human behaviour, they find it easier to believe when it’s coming from a religious source.”
“So you’re telling me you can’t see the future?”
“No more than you.” The seer smiled. “I’m a therapist. I help people indirectly by guiding them to avoid mistakes that they can’t see but everyone else can. The hardest mistakes to see are your own mistakes.”
“So why the month long reservation?”
The seer shrugged and smiled. “There are a lot of people that need helping.”


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