LGBTQ vs Trump

In 3 tweets from President Donald Trump, he effectively banned transgender people from serving in any of the military branches. People in the LGBTQ community need a breather from this derogatory treatment. Even though gay marriage was legalized one year ago, the new legislation did not stop the unfairness and discrimination occurring in the United States, whether it was socially, culturally or mentally.

On July 26th, Donald Trump banned transgender individuals from serving in the US Military, via Twitter, mostly because of the medical costs. This includes the affected 15,000 actively serving transgender soldiers, and angers even more people due to this ban. President Trump, who is well known for his social media, mentioning this ban the way he did, was unprofessional and deemed as if would have no impact on any Americans serving, retired, and civilians.

He cannot, and will not get away with this completely unfair decision with the reasons he presented. I do not believe in “burdening” the government with medical costs for transgender individuals– who need it because it’s mandatory for them to have a fulfilling livelihood.

The United States is $19 trillion dollars in debt, but spending are $41.6 million on erectile dysfunction and $50 billion on ghost clinics. The cost of taking care of the medical needs for transgender individuals a year, totals $8.4 million. It is clear that the cost of transgender medical needs are indeed not as much of a burden as the costs of ED.

President Trump, someone who has never fought in the military, has no right to state who is fit and unfit to serve due to them being a “disruption”, claiming they are a potential economic burden, even though he increased the defense budget by 76%. The US is ranked to have the best military in the world, and 15,000 transgender individuals are active. With the depletion of those 15,000 members, who all have an important role in the military, it weakens it and limits what the military can do.



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