Back To School: Spotify Cures

The three words no teenager wants to hear whilst enjoying their break. Like it or not, the dreaded semesters are looming. I have no cure, you’ll have to figure that stuff out on your own, but I do have a few playlists that might brighten the mood or cater to your doom.

I’ve created two of these myself (shameless self promo), but some are from friends and random ones I’ve found over the years.

(1) DANDY / Ally Hall (dat me)– I made this playlist last summer, so it has some beachy, chill vibes to it. I focused on happier songs with good beats. If you’re looking for some last tunes to cling onto summer, this playlist is your shelter for these last few days.

(2) see you l8er, looooser / Ally Hall– Another one of my gems, this playlist is a mess of songs. Ranging from Kendrick’s new album all the way to indie finds and some Lana for a good mix, this playlist is wild. I like to think of it as a modge podge of grooves, similar to a Discover Weekly. Stop in for a bop or two.

(3) songs that get white girls excited / Brooke Carroll–No matter who you are or what your music taste is, this playlist is SUCH a good dance playlist. Honestly, I’ll just leave it at that. If you don’t bob your head or dance to this, I don’t know what planet you’re from. (or maybe I’m just a white girl giving her opinion… well you know the title). Plus! you can do all the dance moves that you usually have to hide from the chaperones at school dances. Fight the system!

(4) im and emo kid / mcpulver– For all of those kids who went through an emo phase in middle school, here you go. Classic anthems for the most basic Rawr XD kid around. See you at Hot Topic

(5) jammin’ / izzie.jinx– My best friend makes some pretty dope playlists, and this one takes the cake. A mix of popular alternative bands with tastes of local Denver tunes, this playlist is timeless and might be a band-aid for the deep wounds the back to school signs cut.

That’s it for now. Best of luck. I hope these playlists are a few Ibuprofen tablets for a massive leg cramp… or perhaps a whole body cramp… maybe a coma.

Here’s my spotify:

Shoutout to 12 y/o me with that username. Seriously.


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