Lana Del Rey’s New Album “Lust for Life” Sends A Strong Political And Healing Message

After 5 years of sticking to her original “California-dream” style of music, Lana Del Rey releases a politically charged album with a modern flair. In recent interviews with Pitchfork, BBC, and Complex Magazine, Lana Del Rey has expressed her discontent with current American politics and the President himself. In the past, Lana Del Rey has used heavy imagery of the American flag as part of her visuals on tour, lyrics in songs, and in photo shoots. Del Rey has grown so unfond of the current political situation of the United States, that she decided to entirely remove the American flag from her visuals on tour. “I’m not going to have the American flag waving while I’m singing…”

Diving into the album, Del Rey begins with a message of love and acceptance with her first single from the album, “Love“. “I really love the message and I love the sound of the record, it has such a mix of everything I really love sonically…” “Love” sends a strong message of healing to her fans after the infamous 2016 election. Shortly after “Love” was released, Lana Del Rey released the “Lust for Life” album trailer in which she can be seen giving “Love” to the spinning globe in her hands.


GIF via Lana Del Rey

Moving onto track 9 of the album “Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind” Del Rey discusses her concerns with the political tensions between the United States and North Korea. She expresses her concern for her fans living in the United States and other people around the world in the song,

“In the next morning
They put out the warning
Tensions were rising over country lines
I turned off the music
Tried to sit and use it
All of the love that I saw that night”
“‘Cause what about all these children
And what about all their parents
And what about all their crowns they wear
In hair so long like mine
And what about all their wishes
Wrapped up like garland roses
Around their little heads
I said a prayer for a third time”


Connected with the same political message, both tracks 10 and 11 on the album or “God Bless America – And All The Beautiful Women In It” and “When The World Was At War We Just Kept Dancing” respectively, Del Rey discusses feminism and the “end of America” with Trump’s presidency. In “God Bless America – And All The Beautiful Women In It” Del Rey sings primarily about empowering her female fans who deserve to “stand strong like Lady Liberty shining all night long“. In “When The World Was At War We Just Kept Dancing” Lana Del Rey discusses the “end of an era” and the “end of America” with the new presidency.
Passing over to tracks 15 and 16, “Change” and “Get Free” respectively, Del Rey, sends her fans a reassuring message to her fans about a change to come.
“Change is a powerful thing, people are powerful beings
Trying to find the power in me to be faithful
Change is a powerful thing, I feel it coming in me
Maybe by the time Summer’s done
I’ll be able to be honest, capable
Of holding you in my arms without letting you fall
When I don’t feel beautiful or stable
Maybe it’s enough to just be where we are because

Every time that we run, we don’t know what it’s from
Now we finally slow down, we feel close to it
There’s a change gonna come, I don’t know where or when
But whenever it does, we’ll be here for it”

You can purchase Lust for Life on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Or stream  it on Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and many others.

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