Stare into the water

And what do you see?


A reflection


But do not be naive

It is not the true reflection of you


When she looks into the water

She sees a brown figure


But she is not naive

She is white


At least that is what other people say

When they dissolve her personality

Into a color


They must feel powerful

When they tell her

She does not represent their idea

Of what the color of her skin means


So she is turned it into one word



They tell her she is white

But she just does not understand

When she looks into the water

She sees a brown figure


She can see the figure’s eyes

And in the eyes lies the truth


Her parents are immigrants


Entering into a country

Where their culture was not accepted

It was only used as a joke

It was only used an an insult


Her culture was only funny

When all of a sudden

A 7-11 was owned by her family


Her mom is a nurse

Her dad is an engineer


Her culture was only convenient

When all of a sudden

They needed someone to blame


Not all brown people are terrorists

Not all terrorists are brown


But she looks back into the water

And she can not help but see

Tears shattering the figure


She was bullied for being Indian

She was told her uncle did 9/11

She was told Indian accents were annoying


Now she is diminished to a color


She is not ashamed of her culture

She is only ashamed

That people could let her think

That she should be


She is ashamed of herself

For giving them that power


But she is not a color


I am not a color

I am not brown

I am not white


I will not be reduced to a color


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