An Interview With The “Arab Carrie Bradshaw”: Faiza Rammuny

Nicknamed ” The Arab Carrie Bradshaw”, Faiza Rammuny is a 32-year-old Palestinian-American blogger, writer, and comedian. Her funny videos portraying girls’ daily lives especially Arab girls are going viral through the internet. That’s why the GLUE Magazine interviewed Faiza to know more about her as a comedian, as an artist but also as a human being.

1) Let’s begin with your blog “ ExpiredNFabulous” Can you please explain why you have chosen this name?

There’s this cultural Arab belief that I heard almost every day growing up, that an unmarried woman over the age of twenty-five is considered expired. So I embraced it and said, “I might be expired, but I’m still FABULOUS!”

2) In your “about me” paragraph in your blog, you talked about how your two “only” relationships failed and you’ve dealt with depression and you’ve lost so much weight.  People were talking behind your back and sullied your reputation. In short, you’ve been through a lot.And now here you are beautiful, confident, with much influence and most importantly happy. Can you describe this transition and how you went from the bottom to where you are now?

You’re very sweet. I think that when a human being reaches their breaking point, they fall hard, and have two choices 1. Get up and make a change. Or 2. Stay down. That’s what happened to me. I fell really hard and rather than stay down like many hoped, I got back up and decided to make a change. Not only in my life, but in other people’s lives. It wasn’t an easy transition because I had to really almost reprogram my way of thinking and what I truly believe. It was something I had to work on every single day, even until today. But deciding to remain true to myself has made all the difference in my life and in my ability to help others.

3) You’re known as the “Arab Carrie Bradshaw”, how much can you relate to this character?

I can relate to writing about my journey to find love as-well as an obsession with my closet and heels. Except mine are all under $30 (laughs).

4) So, you’ve “always been the girl people turned to when they needed an ear, a shoulder…” which eventually helped you become a blogger, then a writer. What pushed you to start making funny videos and to become a comedian?

I was always a writer, even if it was self-proclaimed at first, but transitioning to comedic videos was my way of having an avenue to best channel my message and discuss real issues in a way that was approachable and relatable. I feel that comedy can change the world and I intend to be part of that.

5) You talk a lot about marriage in Eastern and Arab societies, and many young Arab females relate with what you say in your videos. There’s an expiration date for Arab females and a kind of “deadline” for marriage.Although the content is intended for fun and entertainment, there’s some truth in it. How much is marriage important in Arab communities especially for females?

There’s absolute truth in it and it’s that obsession with marriage in the Arab culture that instigates those videos. In the Arab culture, like many others like it, it’s almost like you’re not anybody until someone wants to marry you. I don’t think that’s necessarily ever going to change at the core of it all, but I don’t want women to measure their self-worth on that belief.

6) ” I am not a therapist, I am therapy”, that’s what you’ve written on your “Services – Relationship Advice” column. How did helping others overcome their problems, helped you resolve your own issues?

It helped me more than I think I can ever really tell you. I found a bit of myself in each person that turned to me and the more I helped navigate themselves through the dark hole they were in, the more I validated I felt in my purpose.

7) So, your name is “Faiza” which means in Arabic “a winner”, what did you win/gain/learn from your experience as a blogger, a writer and a comedian?

My life!

8)  Do you have any projects? Are you planning on starting your own TV Show?

I want to get my book, “From Broken, To FABULOUS,” published, have a TV show, fashion line, and just change this damn world for the better.

9) Finally, which advice can you give to young Arab females?

Be yourself! Live unapologetically as yourself! You might discover that that person isn’t someone that’s popular in your culture, religion, family, community, or society, but it’s YOU and there’s nothing more beautiful. Everyone is going to have an opinion about who you should or should not be, how you should look, dress, speak, etc, and they’re entitled to that. But you are also free not to listen. I didn’t and it made all the difference.

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