Seven Fashion Brands That Benefit the World and Not Just Your Wardrobe

We live in a world where people really care about keeping up with the latest trends, but sometimes, our favorite brands, have a more negative impact on our planet than we may think. There are, however, ways in which we can shop without worrying about the lasting effect it’ll have on our planet. There are plenty of really cool brands out there, truly upping their game in order to drive change in the world of fashion. They focus on ethics and sustainability, as well as helping others, be it through donating profits to charity, or sourcing sustainable materials. So, check out these 7 companies that actually give back:

  1. TomsIf you want to get a guilt free pair of shoes, then Toms is definitely for you. For every pair of shoes they sell, they give one to someone in need, pioneering the way as a sustainable brand.
  2. People TreeTheir main goal is for their supply chain to be 100% fair trade and ethical. They collaborate with the Bombolulu workshop which empowers physically disabled people, and also with a group in Nepal, which is responsible for providing jobs for more than 2,500 women.
  3. FEEDKnown for their amazing collection of bags, FEED was created in order to engage in fighting world hunger. Just one of their Feed Kenya Bags can provide 370 school meals for children in Kenya. So far, the brand has provided over 80,000,000 meals.
  4. GreenBox ShopThey donate 50% of their sales from their “climate change is real” shirts to bee conservation.
  5. Bloody Nora PamThey make their clothing and merchandise fun and inspirational and also donate 10% of their profits to the UK Sepsis Trust.
  6. TenTreeThe money for every item bought from them goes towards planting ten trees.
  7. Sevenly This is an apparel brand which exists for bringing awareness and funding to a certain cause each week. You can even see how much it has been raised on the homepage counter!
  8. Sand CloudThis brand’s mission is to save marine life. 10% of profits are donated to non-profits supporting their mission!

These are just some of the brands that give back and raise awareness and funding for great causes! See? You can contribute to making this world a better place, even by shopping!


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