Wildheart Tour 2016

Reminiscing last year events, I topped my 2016 by seeing the multi talented artist Miguel. Miguel’s music is filled with passion about race, society and pure love. This R&B singer went into depth about aiming for your dream no matter what. Growing up Miguel experienced many obstacles in order to become who he is today. At a young age, he dreamed hard and aimed to become a very successful singer. The concert took place at Neal S. Blaisdell Concert Hall on December 17, 2016. His two-hour set was filled with songs from his third album Wildheart which was filled with mixes of different genres. This album has a mixture of electric, rock and R&B put into one. Hearing his voice live was so smooth it was as if I was listening to his album digitally. Seeing Miguel physically had me astonished because he’s so attractive being a free-spirited individual up on stage. Miguel’s Wildheart tour was my very first concert I’ve experienced and I will never forget this magnificent night.



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