she really thought you loved her. look at what your love has become.

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she really thought you loved her.  look at what your love has become.


she fell for you

you let her believe that the words spewing out of your poisoned lips

were love.

days and nights spent writing

writing furiously about

your so called “love” which drove her crazy

she was damaged.

you came into her life at the perfect time

she needed someone.

someone to tell her it was okay

she never had anyone like that in her life before.


two years go by,

you’ve stuck around

only to take her back to

the dark place

she thought it was progress

so deeply in love with

the devil


she would die for you.

her bones are broken

her ribs are caving in

she has forgotten the youthful soul she used to be

her hands are shaking

sweat is dripping down her forehead

her eyes sting as each tear makes its way down her once rosy cheeks.

her heart beat is slowing

look what you’ve done.


Written by Melody Tajalli

" Art and love are the same thing: It's the process of seeing yourself in things that are not you." -CK
Insta: melodytajalli
Twitter: melodytajalli

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