Philip’s Adventure Pt. 3

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it.” Janet said gently. “I had a bad breakup like that once. Felt like killing myself after it, but then I decided that would be selfish.” She paused and breathed in deeply. “I bet that’s why you came to the club today.”
“Something like that.” Philip muttered, turning back to his side to face Janet.
“I knew you had an interesting reason.” Janet smiled. It was a small, sincere sort of smile. The type you would want to see again and again.
And then there was silence. A comfortable silence. The type of silence that spoke louder than hours of conversation. And for a few minutes, Philip and Janet remained silent, staring at each other, while the distant sound of cars zooming by on the freeway played as a soundtrack to the budding love scene.
“Alright, alright.” Janet said, sitting up and returning her car seat to its original position. “If we stare at each other any longer, we might end up having sex in a car outside a super market.”
Philip laughed. “You can’t have sex with a stranger?”
“I can. It’s just that car sex doesn’t seen sexy in any way.”
“Alright then.” Philip adjusted his car seat as well, groaning as he sat up. The painkillers were wearing off already. “I assume I should be taking you to your house now.”
“No shit.” Janet said critically. Philip spied a small smile on her face as he turned the car key.

“Aaaannnnnddd, stop here. So I live here on the second floor. Apartment 14. You had better write that down so you don’t forget when you come to pick me up for our second date.”
Philip was in a lot of pain now. He eyed the glove box. Then he smiled and spoke. “We’ve had a first date?”
“What did you think today was?” Janet said, smiling. It was that sincere smile again. For a second, Philip felt the pain in his joints dissolved.
“I’d ask for your number or give you mine, but that would ruin the mystery wouldn’t it?”
“Yes!” Janet shouted. “You finally get it.” She opened the car door. “So I’m going to leave it up to you to come back in a few days, wearing a nice suit, holding a copy of Me Before You, and a bouquet of flowers. After all you know where to find me.”
Philip nodded, laughing. His eyes pricked in pain. He needed to get going urgently, before the pain completely immobilised him. But the a question came to his mind. He asked slowly and softly.
“Am I not boring?”
“Undoutedly so.” Janet said with a fluorish of her hand. “But it seems to me that you might be the most interesting boring person ever.”
Philip smiled.
“I’d kiss you, but that would be cliché.” Janet stepped out of the car, closed the door and looked in through the window. She smiled one last time and walked towards the building.
My eyes lingered on her as she disappeared into the shadows. Then I pulled open the glove box and swallowed a couple more pills. Just enough to get to stage two of the night. Next to the pills was my phone. I picked it up, and notifications flashed across the screen. A lot of missed calls and many new text messages.
8:00 PM: Where are you, Philip?
8:30 PM: You’re not supposed to leave you know that.
8:45 PM: Answerhone, I’ve been calling you forever
9:00 PM: Don’t do anything rash, Philip. I know it was terrible news, but there are better ways to enjoy your last days.
9:05 PM: I’m worried Philip, I really am. Why did you take all the Morphine and Tramadol with you?
9:10 PM: Staying in here can actually prolong your life by a few days Philip.
10:00 PM: Philip pick up. Please. I don’t want to have to tell your family this news alone.
Philip sighed and placed the phone on the passenger seat. He drove of, bursting into a coughing fit as he joined the freeway.

A few minutes later, Philip stopped on the bridge. He stepped out of the car, phone in hand, and walked to the edge of the bridge. He stared down at the water, which looked dark, sinister and still, like the grim reaper waiting to claim his cursed soul. He looked at Doctor Fred’s texts and he decided to reply.
Fred, I really appreciate all you’ve done for me. You’re practically family now. I know it’s selfish to commit suicide but I’d them believe I was weak. Thanks for the heads up on when I was supposed to die. At least I won’t die bald. You know I’d have hated that. I’m sorry I chose to go out this way. It was better than wasting away in a hospital bed for the next week. It’s a lot less boring this way.
He hit send.
Then he jumped.


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