We were never meant to fall in love.
We were both so broken we thought maybe if we just threw ourselves to the next, they could heal us from all the cracks and scars that were left by the one before.

We were never meant to fall in love,
but it sure felt like we were. When you first placed your cherry-flavored lips upon mine, fireworks burst colors of crimson, gold, emerald, and cyan. When your soft, coconut skin embraced me that night, I remember staring into your chestnut eyes as the beat of my heart grew stronger, and time ran slower. Everything in that moment was perfect, and we were perfect.

We were never meant to fall in love.
I remember seeing you for the first time in weeks. This deep feeling of angst overcame me as I saw you walk in. Your obsidian hair bounced as you traveled closer to me. Your words were cold, and I was so addicted to your Arctic feeling. I fantasized a future with you, believing that if I lied to myself long enough, everything I wanted would become a reality.

We were never meant to fall in love.
The intensity grew, but you were no longer ice. As soon as I adapted to the snow, you became a bright, burning sun, melting me away along with all the memories, promises, and hope we once had.

We were never meant to fall in love.
The last time I saw you, you were holding her in a way I only dreamt you’d hold me. Her indigo eyes were so captivating; it was the color of the ocean: deep, dark, mysterious. Watching you delicately run your fingers through her sun-kissed hair hit me with the reality that everything we once had, or everything I thought we had, was now nothing but a moment preserved in the back of our minds, slowly fading away until we forget.

We were never meant to fall in love.
The sole purpose of our attraction was for you to break my heart. I needed you to destroy me in order to find myself.

We were never meant to fall in love.
Maybe that’s why we didn’t.


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