Philip’s Adventure Pt. 2

The supermarket was very brightly lit and smelled like plastic. Philip found Juliet in the confectionery aisle, stuffing a pack of skittles into her bra. She looked up, saw Philip and smiled.
“What are you doing?” Philip said, unsure of exactly how to react.
“I was beginning to think, you’d abandoned me here with no get away car.” She paused and turned to face Philip. “Does it look natural? I feel like one looks bigger.”
“Youre right. I should balance it out.” She stuffed another skittles pack in. “I guess it’s good I didn’t wear a dress.”
Philip looked stumped, but before he could talk Juliet grabbed a third packet of skittles and tossed it to him. She winked. Philip groaned.
A few minutes later, they sat in Philips car eating Skittles. Philip had smuggled the skittles out of the supermarket by putting it in his crotch. Leaving the supermarket was easy – both the cashier and security guards were barely awake.
“So what’s your story?” Juliet mumbled, her mouth filled with skittles. “You look like someone who has a story. That was the reason I talked to you in the bar.”
“Looked like I had a story?”
Juliet shrugged. “You looked out of place and upset. Like you were mourning something.”
Philip said nothing for a while, then spoke in a false upbeat voice.
“Nah. Was just trying out a new lifestyle. My old one was a bit too uneventful.”
Juliet gave Philip a look, but said nothing. She finished the first skittles pack, then pulled out the second one.
“The packet is warm.”
“I can imagine.” Philip said, snickering.
“You should know, I don’t usually steal.” Juliet quipped, inspecting each skittle before throwing it in her mouth.
Philip laughed.
“You paid didn’t you.”
“No . No, I didn’t. I’m hurt that you couldn’t trust me with such a simple task.”
“I’m sure you paid.” Janet said fiddling with a lever at the side of her car seat until the seat was almost horizontal. She let out a sigh of relaxation.
Philip did the same to his chair, while feverishly denying Janet’s accusations that he paid.
“Look. I swear on everything I own that you paid.”
Philip laughed, but said nothing. He turned in his chair turned bed to face Janet. She smiled at him and stared the roof of the car.
“Your car has a skylight hatch?”
“Well then. Open it!”
Philip sat up and touched a button on the dashboard. A small whirrrr could be heard, as a motor rolled back a slab of glass from the roof of the car. The stale city air rushed into the car. Janet grimaced.
“Nothing nicer than the scent of cigarette smoke to make you feel alive.”
Philip giggled. “You asked me to open it, didn’t you?”
“Because I wanted to see the stars.”
“What stars?”
“Touché. I just felt it would be more romantic.”
“Oh we’re being romantic now?”
“But of course. I’m a hapless romantic. And what is more romantic than eating Skittles you stole, staring at the sky, from a small car, with someone you don’t know?”
“Nothing. That’s the most romantic thing in the world.” Philip muttered laughing.
Janet was quiet for a while. Philip watched her intently. Her eyes had suddenly seemed to droop, and she looked lost deep in thought. She was slowly chewing.
“You know, sometimes I wonder why we’re here.”
“Huh?” Philip was caught off guard.
Janet turned to her side, and faced Philip. “I just wonder why we even exist. Like what’s the point of existing when death is inevitable.”
Philip felt extremely uncomfortable with where this conversation was going so he stayed quiet.
“I know it’s about having a good time not a long time, but it would be easier to have a good time if everyone in the world wasn’t so on edge all the damn time.”
“Uh huh.”
“I mean, everyone wants to push their opinion down someone’s throat. Nobody wants to get along. It’s a damn shame.”
“Uh huh.”
“That’s all you’re going to say? I swear you’re like a broken record sometimes.” Janet paused to shake the skittle packet in her hand. “Damn. It’s empty. And if you say ‘uh huh’ one more time, I swear…”
“This is like pillow talk isn’t it?”
“Well yes.” Janet shuffled and adjusted herself so she could look at Philip properly. Philip did the same. “It’s somewhat like pillow talk. Without the sex of course.”
Philip nodded. Janet sighed.
“You cut your hair really short.”
Philip put a hand on his head. “I like it this way.” Philip said, shrugging.
“It seems to me that you are not quite the conversationalist.”
Philip shrugged and grinned. “I’m not the most interesting of people.”
“You look interesting.”
“So you followed a complete stranger because he looked interesting?”
“And Cute. Interesting and cute.”
Philip shook his head. “Uhh, alright I’ll tell you more about myself. I’m Philip…”
“Nooooo.” Janet yelled, covering her ears with her hands.
“You’ll ruin the mystery.” Janet sighed. “Don’t tell me your last name, age or any of those mundane details.” She rubbed her chin. “Just tell me an interesting fact about yourself.”
“You’re crazy, that much I know.” Philip said, trying to hide his amusement. “Uhh, I’m a banker.”
“Aha. That’s not an interesting fact. And it explains why you’re so boring.” Janet said, raising her eyebrows. “Office life sucks shit. Drains the life out of you. Probably why you look like you’re dying.”
“I look like I’m dying?”
“It’s an expression. Keep your hat on.” Philip raised his eyebrows. “Another expression. See what I’m saying? You’ve spent so long at such a boring job you don’t even know expressions.”
“And what amazingly interesting job do you pursue?”
“I’m a delivery girl.” She beamed. “And it’s very interesting because I get to meet different kind of people everyday. For all I know, I might even meet Mr. Right that way. I can almost imagine it. Delivering to a cute, tall, dark skin man that ordered Me Before You off Amazon.”
“You’re single?”
“What’s that meant to mean?”
“Nothing.” Philip said sharply. “You’re just such a romantic, I’d expect you to be in a relationship.”
Janet shrugged. “I expect myself to be in a relationship too. I should be asking you this though. Are you?”
“Am I?”
Janet rolled her eyes. “Are you single? Why do I always have to spell things out.”
“Yes I am.”
“Expected. You’re probably boring all the girls that come your way…”
“My fiance left me yesterday.” Philip said suddenly.
Janet was quiet for a while. Then when she spoke, her voice was small. “Why did she leave?”
Philip was mute. He turned, so he was on his back facing the sky.


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