Endless hot summer days have arrived and the best way to cool down is at the beach! One my favorite beaches is Zablan Beach Park. This is located in Nānākuli within the Wai’anae district on the west side of O’ahu. Take a dip in the refreshing clear waters as your skin soaks up the sunlight. The sun is beaming, meaning the sand will be blazing; I suggest walking along the shoreline to keep your feet protected. Along the side of the beach are rocks which include hidden mermaid caves. These mermaid caves are filled with gorgeous shells and corals that are breathtaking. To be safe keep in mind that you’ll need to be capable of climbing in and out of the cave (go at your own risk)! As well as entering the cave, low tide is the best time. The water during high tide would be too rough and might have you swept into the open ocean. Overall, Zablan’s is quite divine and everyone should experience this beach day!


Written by Hannah Aganon

Hawaii Grown•Lover of Nature•You Are Loved Twitter: @lovablehans IG: _hannerrzz_

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