Brown Girl Art You Didn’t Know You Needed, Until Now

representation fucking matters

So I while ago I found myself on the artsy fartsy side of Instagram where the beautiful, brown women of this realm wrote, painted and sang their hair, culture, and ancestors into life. I haven’t left since, and I like to think I think I am somehow now part of it.

Since then it’s been a time of me not continuously straightening my hair as of February 2016 and searching #wocart #curlyhairart and #pocart left and right on Tumblr, Pinterest and even Photobucket (r.i.p 20-wheneveryonestoppedusingyou) 

And as a brown curly haired girl, I present to you the pieces of art that I not only connected with but loved!


By: Erin Kavanagh
By: Emilia Instagram: emzdrawings
By: Pauline
Instagram: punziella
By: Maya Ajani
Twitter: Maya Ajani
By: Bape Ril
Instagram: bape.ril3
Poem by: Urvija Banerji
Illustration by: Christina Chung

Pale white witch bitch with black hair dyed green

Black lipstick seeps through the cracks in your mouth, green juice lingers on your tongue

Burn sage to black, claw your painted fingernails, clutch your crystals:

No amount of colour will exorcise the white from your feminism.

Do not cross into the realm where our fires burn and cauldrons bubble

We have no @smallspells of your new age

Our potions we uphold through millennia

Halud and badam, cinnamon and cardamom

Thick sweet moon milk drips from our yellow-stained lips.

By: Ben Biayenda
Instagram: benbiayenda
By: Quinn Kimberly Smith
Instagram: quinn__kimberly



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