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Anna was only 15. She had long black hair and dark eyes. Anna lived in a very liberal neighborhood and attended a very liberal school. She always wore very similar clothes to eliminate the need for anxiety in the mornings before school. Anna wore a gold cross necklace she was given for her birthday. On Monday-Friday, Anna would wear a black shirt and then depending on the weather either black leggings or dark jean shorts. On Saturday she would wear a deep purple long sleeve shirt with quarter length leggings. And lastly, on Sunday, Anna would wear a white dress that dragged on the floor when she walked. Anna came from a very religious family. Her mother a devout Catholic and her father, Catholic, but not very attentive to the church. Anna would attend church with her mother every Sunday and every religious holiday. She was very quiet and unfortunately not involved with any youth church programs. This year was Anna’s year for confirmation. It was required that she attend an anti-abortion rally. However, Anna did not want to go. And therefore, her family no longer considered her Catholic.



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