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Phoenix Art Museum

This past Wednesday I was able to experience unique exhibits at my hometown’s art museum. The first piece – which was also my favorite – was a large black backdrop with a white neon sign that read, “Face Me I Face You”. I thought that the message was uniquely done by American conceptual artist Glenn Ligon. He wanted to test the true meaning of Palindrome, as signified by the piece’s title. Ligon specializes in text-based pieces and draws inspiration from pop culture, American literature, and is influenced by African-American figures. I not only appreciated those facts about him, but also thought it was amazing that he’s committed to issues of race, sexuality, and identity. Another artist that really stood out to me was Kehinde Wiley. Wiley portrait’s realistically portrayed black people in strong but confident stances, which I genuinely liked. Other pieces that caught my eye were Paul Pletka’s breath-taking painting titled Nuestro Señor el Degollado (Our Lord, The one Who is Flayed), as well as Louisa McElwain’s painting, Desert Rain God (Dios de la Lluvia en el Desierto).

The visit was not only entertaining but also inspiring. I loved that the museum provided diversity in its artwork as well as in it choices of artists!




Ligon Glenn, Palindrome #1, 2007, neon, America.


Ligon Glenn, Palindrome #1, 2007, neon, America.


Inspired by Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Sculpture


Adams David Emitt, Valero, Las Angeles, California, 2017, Tintype photograph, Los Angeles, California. Adams David Emitt, Pumpjack, oil horse, donkey pumper, nodding donkey, pumping unit, horse head pump, rocking horse, beam bump, dinosaur, grasshopper pump, Big Texan, thirsty bird, cricket, or jack pump, Los Angeles, California, 2017, Tintype photograph, Los Angeles, California. Adams David Emitt, Navajo Refinery #2 Artesia, New Mexico, 2017, Tintype photographs, Artesia, New Mexico.


Frey Viola, Nude Man, 1989, glazed ceramic, America.


Wiley Kehinde, Marechal Floriano Peixoto (from The World Stage: Brazil Series), 2009, oil on canvas, America.


Wiley Kehinde, Portrait of Anne Cynthia Petit Vil (The World Stage: Haiti), 2014, oil on canvas, America.


Pletka Paul, Nuestro Señor el Degollado (Our Lord, The One Who is Flayed), 2004, acrylic on canvas, America.


Louisa McElwain, Desert Rain God (Dios de la lluvia en el desierto), 2009, oil on canvas, America.



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