Small Comments

I don’t understand those comments on the side,

on how someone’s hair is too messy or face too wide,

those backhanded comments, on how “it looks better that way,”

Comments that I never even asked them to say,

So what if her skin has bumps, so what if she has a little more hair?

do you know how much those words hurt, do you even care?

No, her laugh isn’t “weird” and no, she isn’t too tall,

why do you want her to feel small?

Just because he’s large doesn’t mean you can say what you want,

it’s not just small comments, but an insult or a taunt.

That person is not just a face, but so much more,

Emotions and feelings, it hits them in the very core.

Those small comments stay in one’s mind,

And once you’ve said it, there’s no way to rewind.

So please choose better words, words that put a smile,

for some of these people haven’t done that in a while.






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