Donald Trump Jr.’s Email Chain on His Meeting with Russia

On Tuesday morning, Donald J. Trump Jr. released an email chain from June 2016 with Rob Goldstone, a former tabloid reporter, and publicist, through which they were setting up a meeting between Trump Jr. and a Kremlin-linked lawyer. The emails were released in an attempt to get ahead of The New York Times’ promised story detailing the content of the emails.

In the email exchanges, Mr. Goldstone explicitly confirmed the existence of compromising evidence about Hillary Clinton regarding her dealings with Russia, which he said would be very useful to Trump. Mr. Trump himself acknowledged that he was willing to receive incriminating evidence against his opponent, Mrs. Clinton, but didn’t think the lawyer was linked to Kremlin. “This is obviously very high-level and sensitive information but is part of Russia and its government’s support for Mr. Trump,” Goldstone wrote, to which Trump Jr. responded: “If it’s what you say I love it”.

Alan Futerfas, Trump Jr.’s lawyer, argued that his client had done nothing wrong. In an email to The New York Times, he pledged that “This is much ado about nothing. During this busy period, Robert Goldstone contacted Donald Jr. in an email and suggested that people had information concerning alleged wrongdoing by Democratic Party front-runner, Hillary Clinton, in her dealings with Russia. Donald Jr.’s takeaway from this communication was that someone had information potentially helpful to the campaign and it was coming from someone he knew. Donald Jr. had no knowledge as to what specific information, if any, would be discussed.”

Now, you might ask yourselves, why on earth would he tweet out those emails? And while we can’t completely rule out the possibility that Trump Jr. is not very smart, he probably wanted to get ahead of a damning New York Times story that detailed the emails. Accompanying the screenshots, Trump Jr. stated that the reason why he decided to tweet out those emails was “to be totally transparent”.

Moreover, we cannot forget the fact that Donald Trump vehemently chastised Hillary Clinton for not disclosing her emails while she served as Secretary of State, going so far as to label her “Crooked Hillary”. But as much as Mr. Trump claimed that Hillary’s private email servers were a good enough reason not to elect her, Trump Jr. went ahead and freely tweeted his incriminating emails, therefore furthering the investigation into Russia’s involvement with the presidential campaign.

People all over the internet have reacted to the news, and their reactions range from face-palms to amazement at the sheer insanity of this situation. Here are some of the best:

The absurdity of all of this seems to have broken one reporter:

On Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan dodged questions regarding the release of the emails. “It is absolutely unacceptable that Russia or any other country, but Russia, meddle in our elections. Just period. Right there,” said Ryan, mentioning the fact that Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller and the House and Senate intelligence committees are looking into the Russia situation.

Even if the foreign power involved wasn’t Russia, it is morally and politically wrong to meet with a foreign government in order to get compromising evidence against an opponent for a U.S. presidential election.

You can read the emails by clicking here.


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