The Importantance of Queer Visibility In Rap

When it comes to queer representation in the rap/hip-hop community, there is little to none. There are rarely ever any LGBT+ rappers or entertainers in this genre, and when there is they are usually extremely underrated. It is already hard to relate to rappers these days as a queer person, but music is music and you are meant to enjoy it, although having representation would make it way more enjoyable. Rap groups like BROCKHAMPTON and singers like Frank Ocean make it a little easier to relate to and feel accepted. Frank Ocean even states “I believe marriage isn’t between a man and a woman, but between love and love”. It is imperative that queer people can feel accepted within the community. It is well-known that homophobia is a huge problem in the rap/hip-hop community. Imagine growing up listening and loving this genre just to feel disrespected and insulted by it. When is the next time you will hear a rapper say; “I don’t f*ck with white boys, less the n*gga Shawn Mendes.” The way Kevin Abstract did in “Star” by BROCKHAMPTON? The blatant homophobia constantly displayed in the genre is awful, it is a part of the community. Most rappers grew up thinking that way, so getting out of that mindset is hard but not impossible. It is not that they can’t change, they just don’t care to. The need for more queer rap groups and rappers is vital, but seeing the genre shift and catch up with the times is insanely refreshing.


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