What School Hasn’t Taught You

Since kindergarten, school has taught you how to read, write, count. In school, you have learned history, geography, languages, science, physics, arts, music….

School has prepared you to have a perfect academic background. Unfortunately, the educational system has missed some lessons, some very important lessons:

School hasn’t taught you that the value of someone isn’t determined by a simple number: a grade.  It hasn’t taught you that exams only evaluates your skills in one small field among numerous fields in life. School hasn’t taught you that having an F isn’t a fail, but rather an opportunity to improve yourself and succeed even better. School hasn’t taught you that having good grades doesn’t mean you’re genius. Good grades aren’t enough to pass life’s exams. School hasn’t taught you that humanity isn’t divided into two parts: the leaders and the followers, and that, you too, can be a leader and make a change in this world.

School has taught you to compare yourself with others but hasn’t taught you to discover what makes you unique and special. Teachers should be teaching us to discover our own different paths as “different” is beautiful. Our world is made of confusing, yet beautiful differences. School hasn’t taught you to enjoy the work you’re doing, but rather to wait for its results. It hasn’t taught you to follow your passion and choose a job you love, but rather to choose a prestigious and well-paid job. School hasn’t taught you to choose your happiness over your ego. School hasn’t taught you how to appreciate the beauty of things surrounding you, but rather how to use them for your own selfish comfort.

Finally, School hasn’t taught you how to think out of the box, but rather how to think like everyone else.

“ All in all, you’re just another brick in the wall.”- Pink Floyd.


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